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The park, based on the Chinese traditional landscape garden, adopts the resilient and elegant artistic handling of western garden building, thus having handsome and natural artistic pleasure. The environment of the park is suitable for holding western style wedding ceremony with recreation items of "unswerving allegiance" and "flying abreast of each other alike accompanied birds in the sky", etc. The whole process of the ...[Detail]

Situated in the western part of Hangzhou, less than 5km from West Lake, Xixi National Wetland Park is a rare urban wetland. With rich ecological resources, simple natural landscape and profound culture, Xixi is known as one of the Three "Xi's" along with Xihu (West Lake) and Xiling (the Seal Engravers' Society). It is the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture. Xixi has not only broad ...[Detail]

Covering an area of about 230 hectares (approx. 568 acres), the Hangzhou Botanical Garden can be found at the foot of Jade Spring Hill in the northwest end of West Lake. It was originally built in 1965, and is not only a park in which to feast your eyes on beautiful plants, but also a research base where fields such as the cultivation of plants and protection of environment are studied. The garden has wonderful scenery and an excellent ...[Detail]

Wushan Square (Wu Shan Guang Chang) Wushan Square and Wushan Hill is a major town center in Hangzhou. The view from the top is excellent on a clear day, and there are also trails around the hills from behind the pagoda. The pagoda itself has been modernized with an elevator and nice open-air teahouse at the top, but the original bell is still intact and in use. This area also features easy access to Hefang Jie shopping street at the base of ...[Detail]

As one of the fifteen scene new west lake, hangzhou botanical park is located in southeast RenShouShan, covers an area of 25000 square meters, the center for a shortage of meters RenShouShan and names. There were LinFengMian former residence and ZhangXian park's tomb. Park outstanding nature open interest, in the forest in the teahouse look tea scene, bubbling streams through the small bridge, in the wild in the small world of enjoy an ...[Detail]

World-known for dainty landscape of lakes and mountains as well as a mass of places of historic interests, the West Lake of Hangzhou is considered A Paradise on Earth. It was included in the World Heritage List on June 24, 2011 as the only Chinese lake in that list. Covering 6.39 square kilometers with a perimeter shore of around 15 kilometers, West Lake is a city lake just second to the Daming Lake in Jinan. The average water depth is 2.27 ...[Detail]

Qiantang River is the biggest in Zhejiang Province, running from the west to Hangzhou Bay in the east. It serves as a river hinge, playing an important role in the water-transportation between the east and the west. It is encircled by a group of economically booming cities including Shanghai, China's leading industrial and commercial hub, and Ningbo, one of China's leading port cities. The extraordinary surging tide of the Qiantang River ...[Detail]

Xianghu is a lesser known lake in Xiaoshan District in southern Hangzhou. It has the oldest canoe in the world that has a history of over 8,000 years. The epic battlefield of Wu and Yue States two thousand years ago was here. It is also the birthplace of famous ancient Chinese beauty, Xishi . According to some archeological findings that Xianghu was formed earlier than the West Lake. It shaped like a gourd. The south and north are being walled ...[Detail]

As one of the three famous spring in west lake , Yuquan sightseeing attractions was a good place to have some tea. In 1964, Yuquan classical garden at the site on the artistic techniques used to rebuild. After the new Yuquan, Through the door ,there is a large window frame , after the window , the patio have a lake-stone , a few bamboo poles, formed a natural Bamboo and write intent. There are several garden courtyard with corridors, white wall ...[Detail]

The Tiaoxi Stream near the Double Stream Town of the Yuhang district is a paradise for rafting. This section of the stream attracts visitors with its three major features. The stream is uniquely clear. Floating on a raft on the stream, which empties into the Taihu Lake, enables one to see fish swimming in the water in some sections of the stream. The brook has many rapids. Rafting on the stream, one can fall down some falls, the highest of ...[Detail]